Dino Domination 2014: Slay Dinos - Win Prizes

As you may have learned, we have been encouraged to find other efficient means of spreading word about our titles in order to reach a wider audience.

We have been unsuccessful getting reactions from mainstream press, for reasons that have become (and are becoming more) clear as time goes on.  We have been encouraging others to do the same and giving our reasons why while offering solutions to the current problems affecting our industry.  You can read more about that here.  (Update:  It looks to becoming the more common choice across the board).

Luckily the people that truly matter, you guys - the gamers and fans - seem to think otherwise and have supported us dearly over the years through the wide variety of events we have hosted in thanks to the level of support you have given us.  We are so honored to have been given the chance to deliver the game we had dreamed of and we will always put you guys first and support you to the best of our ever-growing abilities.



This new event is a game within itself and the prizes are incredible!  Many developers here have been having a good deal of fun with Destiny on the PS4 and we want to spread this entertainment to you guys.

To do this we want to take over YouTube with YOUR help.  All we need you to do is hit record and go slap some Dinosaurs across the face. 

You could have your chance at winning the following prizes:

  • Sony Playstation 4 (500GB) Destiny System Bundle
  • Sony Playstation 3 (500GB) Last of Us System Bundle
  • Sony Playstation Vita Borderlands 2 System Bundle

Learn how here.

An Updated Look @ The Outdated Metacritic

[UPDATE - 9/18/2014 @ 8:53AM US Central] 
We are going to be doing a SteamGifts event starting Monday, September 22nd @ 10AM US Central.  This event is to bring awareness to what we think is a very important issue that is AND has affected many.  500 ORION: Prelude Steam Codes in total!

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Megacritic has come up again in the news recently with the release of Destiny.  This is in regards to Bungie and a contractual bonus from Activation and it is likely that Bungie will not receive this $2.5Mil bonus and it’s because of an out-dated and broken system (Metacritic) and it needs to change.


“Metacritic scores really are that snapshot in time when a game is released, or close to after it’s released,” said Doyle, “when the critics decide, ‘I’ve played this enough, I can evaluate this now fairly, and here’s the score.’”
- Marc Doyle, CEO of Metacritic

“We’re transparent about everything on Metacritic except for the critic weightings. “That may seem like a drastic thing, but I’m just telling you that, in my opinion, it’s not. If you simply stripped out all the weights, it wouldn’t have a huge effect on that number.”
- Marc Doyle, CEO of Metacritic

There is something wrong with that level of thinking in this digital, constantly connected, cloud-based, always updated, DLC plethora age.  It’s very closed-minded and that will do nothing but hold progress back.  

We are very fortunate in the sense that Metacritic can’t affect us directly as we don’t work with Publishers.  But they do affect other Developers and individuals that inspire us and create incredible art that millions of people enjoy daily.

We need to cease having the well-being of individuals attached to such a broken and outdated system.  We are not saying that Bungie should or shouldn’t get the $2.5 million bonus because they didn’t get a certain score, - we are saying that one’s reward or bonus shouldn’t be tied to such a tangible element such as other peoples opinions - especially a system where random weights and variables are involved.  

The solution: have rewards for someone controlled directly by them and their actions.  I suggest having it attached to a more controlled variable such as copies sold as any developer is able to spread the word of their game, interact with their fans and hold events that raise additional awareness.  

We have written out additional thoughts and solutions relating to this problem in an article 
that can be found here.

ORION: Prelude - 1 Million Copies Sold!

A big celebration is in order!  It may have taken us some time and a few events but thanks to the endless support of our incredible fans, ORION: Prelude has sold over 1 Million copies on Steam!


To: Gaming Press - “You Have Failed This City”

I am not a fan of the current press system that has taken hold of the gaming (or any) industry.  It is ugly, suffocating and broken.


"The press ultimately won’t matter. They were founded during a time where there wasn’t immediate and direct connection with everyone to one another. They were an instrument used to connect users to products. 

We are in a time where anyone can connect anything and so their use is expiring. The same is true for any press industry, you will see it in the News, Hollywood gossip - all of them. 

Why would people care to read what someone is writing about Jonah Hill when they can just go follow him directly and possibly even interact with him? 

These industries will go the same direction as the Blockbusters and Best Buys. Their time is over and their methods are outdated.”
- David Prassel 

The biggest problem is that there are massive corporations: the IGN’s, Game Informer’s, PC Gamer’s, Gawker Media.  They work for extreme amounts of revenue, employ hundreds to thousands of staff and because of this, they must drive up hits whether its through articles or reviews.

This has a negative connotation associated to it and is very similar to a problem that currently plagues massive AAA game development companies.  

It has become all about a number based on a grading system that was developed when games were shipped on cartridges and residential internet didn’t exist. Even worse that a “conglomerate” of these corporations becomes a deciding factor on people’s jobs and well-being due to Metacritic and Publishers having used (and still using it) as a basis for what developer survives and what doesn’t.  

You haven’t a clue as to what they will write as the same person from the same publication will say one thing and then do a 180 and say the complete opposite later on like these boys:




Over the course of 2010 - 2014 I had emailed the press thousands of times to include them on the happenings of Spiral Game Studios and it’s first but evolving title ORION: Dino Beatdown(/Horde/Prelude).  


This typically offered no responses from them, other than charming  responses like this from Owen Good (previously of Kotaku, now Polygon):


In 2012 there was a string of insane rumors about me that many press outlets (Kotaku, Eurogamer, etc) published without a single ounce of evidence against me.  We work with PayPal, Task Sheets, Invoices, Integration documents (NDA, CA agreements) AKA a wide variety or proof if anyone really had any.  Instead they just used quotes from people claiming whatever it is that they wanted.  These rumors included:

  • That I stole all the Kickstarter money and ran.
  • That I fired the entire team, or most of it.
  • That I stole content from games (which weren’t even released)
  • That I hadn’t paid employees for work 

The only thing true was that I did fire a handful of developers around GDC 2011.  This group was fired for very serious reasons, including but not limited to theft of money and hardware.  Given they are willing to steal it’s not a far stretch to see that they would also smear the names of the people that prevented them from getting what they wanted.  They started the smear campaign against not only me but the entire team who actually was doing great work.

In the end I run a business and part of my job is ensuring the right people are employed and that they are doing the right things.  When they aren’t, they are gone.

We have been here for the last 4 years working every day, interacting with the community and improving and supporting the game.  Our fans know this and that is all that matters.

This and why you are seeing some amazing talent leaving these companies to form smaller publications and other collaborative efforts.  In regards to the users, they are more involving, more interactive and feature a wider variety of engaging content.  


  • Lose the number variable game scores.
  • Be willing to revisit titles in this new digital, constantly connected and updated age.  Support developers that support their audience.
    (I suggest once a year)
  • I suggest a Leslie Knope style Pro/Con list.  
    (Benefits both the consumer and Developer by offering direct and organized feedback.)
  • Discuss content you’d like to see added to encourage more post-release support and less rush-to-the-next-game mentality.
  • Have more than one person on staff give their opinions / reviews.  A corporation consists of many individuals and one voice shouldn’t speak for all.  Make it a discussion.

I know that I am not the only one bored of the fat-hat press corporations that constantly blabber about Madden, Call of Duty and Battlefield.  There has been an incredible and steady rise of independent YouTube content creators and Video game Bloggers who are churning out amazing and unbiased content in the form of Let’s Plays and Hands On’s.  

But who is even better than these guys?  The actual gamer.  The gamer has to do a sacrificial act, a financial investment / risk. They have much more to lose than a company or press element, who receives free product keys and churns through many like its their job (because it is).  

If we impress the actual gamers who play the game - that is all that matters. They are our audience.  
You are the reason we are still here and have given us the opportunity to create the experience we had always wanted to deliver.  Because of this we have worked for you the best we could over these last couple of years and will continue to do so for the years to come.

I’ve given out many press codes over the years, all of which are copies that have or will upgrade into ORION: Prelude once activated.

Considering we hardly have any reviews created for our title (especially since 2012) I suspect many of these were never activated and I was trying to find the best use for them.  

So they are for YOU, the gamers out there who haven’t yet had an opportunity to experience the game or possibly someone who already has and will give it to a friend.  We will be handing out just over 1,000 codes!

We all truly hope you enjoy the game and look forward to seeing you on the dinosaur hunting grounds!

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[IMPORTANT UPDATE - 9/18/2014] 

"Several prominent gaming journalists across America are part of a secret mailing list on which they discuss what to cover, what to ignore, and what approach their coverage should take to breaking news, Breitbart can reveal. "


[METALEATER] - In-Depth Analysis of GamersGate

[THE RALPH REPORT] - The Worst Critic In Gaming

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[ONE ANGRY GAMER] - Prelude Devs Showing Support (#GamerGate)

[ONE ANGRY GAMER] - Microsoft Devs Show Support (#GamerGate)

Do you know of other interesting articles on the same subject?  Please post them below and we will do our best to update this post.

If you would like to contact us, send an E-mail here

TREK Industries Is Hiring!

TREK Industries is now hiring for paid positions. If you’d love to work with Dinosaurs, Jetpacks and Mechs this is it!


  • Type: Remote / Freelancer.
  • Paid: Yes (via PayPal).
  • Engine(s): Unreal Engine 3, Unreal Engine 4

You will be working on our first full-fledged game title as TREK Industries and it will be within the Orion universe.  This will be a next-generation game built on new technology utilizing brand new content and a fresh new code base.  


  1. Graphic Designer / Web Developer
  2. Technical Artist (Engine - Integration, Tools, etc)
  3. 3D Artist (Environments)
  4. 3D Artist (Characters/Creatures)
  5. 3D Artist (Store Items)
  6. User Interface Developer
  7. Level Designer
  8. SFX Artist
  9. VFX Artist

If interested, please forward the following:

  1. Cover Letter & Resume
  2. Portfolio / Examples

To: jobs@trek-industries.com



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