Modernizing Taxes

March 17, 2015

I was at the Kennedy Space Center recently and looked closely at my ticket to find a very specific phrase taking up a large portion of it.  It stated something I felt the exact opposite towards and I wanted to talk about it openly.  It has to do with the current tax system, how it is setup, where they are spent and everything below, above and in between.

It’s a short rant, but an important one at that.  It has to do with letting us choose where our tax dollars go by modernizing and digitizing the tax system. Let us do it through a graphic and slider website, allowing people to choose a portion (50% seems fair?) of where ours are to be spent, including education, infrastructure, space, defense, technology, health, whatever. The other half can be used as it currently is: where the government sees fit.

In my opinion we can’t give ENOUGH money to the space program and I would happily have any of my tax portions pay for programs like the Kennedy Space center that help excite new and old minds about its prospect and opportunity.  Paying taxes CAN be fun, involving, interactive and they can help change our world and others near or far.

For reference, the best system I can correlate this to would be something akin to the Humble Bundle donation page for its ease of use and proper display of information in real time:

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