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April 26, 2015

Support Developers who support their fans. We are celebrating three years of FREE post-release support on ‘ORION: Prelude’ and we are releasing the ‘Year 3 Update’ to coincide.


( Year 3 Update )
This new update includes two brand new Survival Co-Op maps, remastered Weapon SFX and a Version 3.0 game update. It’s scheduled release is May 4, 2015.


( Steam Free-2-Play Event )
We are celebrating the release of this update with a Steam F2P event. This is a week-long event that begins on May 4th, 2015.

( ORION: Prelude @ Steam )

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( YouTube & Monetization Policy )
We allow everyone to record our games and monetize them on any platform.

( Music )
1st Song: The Underscore Orkestra – “Troll Of The Mountain Swing”
2nd Song: Vitamin Pets – “Fried Eggs”

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Thanks for updating the game!

Few suggestion that would make the game better imo.

– controllable bots
– infinite or more rounds
– controllable dinos in survival mode

I would be very pleased if you took these suggestions into consideration or added them to your next dino game. Thank you.

– Eetu


That is some great feedback. We’ve heard many requests for infinite or more rounds and controllable dinosaurs in a survival mode was something that we were even contemplating in the current ‘ORION: Prelude’ but it didn’t work out due to technical and budgetary reasons at the time.

Thanks for taking the time to write!


Hi, I have few suggestion too:
– In easy mode is easy to got money and weapons , but are few dinossaurs.
– In medium mode, is hard to get money, but have a lot of dinossaurs. When you have the good weapons, the match ends.
In my opinion, just need a more balance in both modes (a fusion of both?) and more rounds for match.

Thank’s for the hard work, the game is great and cheap. It’s a new CS of generation!


Can you make windows xp compatible with this game? One of my friends sent me this game as a gift but im not able to play it because i have windows xp.Yes ,no and why?


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